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    Used by top organizations to reduce turnover, enhance culture, and create a safe and productive work environment.

Backed by the world's largest scientific study with over 500,000 data points - Journal of Business and Psychology

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If your workforce consists of front-line workers in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Hospitality, and Construction


You are retaining less than 80% of your front-line workers annually

New hires make up more than 20% of your Workers' Compensation claims

Then you need to Hire with IntegrityFirst!

Our clients have seen MAJOR Results

from putting IntegrityFirst as a front-line defense:

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  • 37%

    Reduction in Turnover of front-line workers

  • 57%

    Reduction in Workers' Compensation Costs

  • 19%

    Reduction in Workers' Compensation Claim Severity

  • 48%

    Reduction in Workers' Compensation Claim Frequency

  • 100%

    Eliminates bias early in the hiring process

1.5 Million Data Points

Back these results

22x Return on Investment

75% reduction in pre-hire drug

Screening fail rates

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    Speed up your hiring process

How does it work...

  • A simple 8-minute survey given to job applicants early in the hiring process
  • Offered in 27 languages
  • Can be taken on any mobile device or computer
  • Sent through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or method of choice in one click
  • Integrate into any application process with a simple hyperlink
  • Monitor candidates who take the survey remotely
  • Get the results Instantly
  • Simple to understand Qualified or Unqualified with detailed candidate responses
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The only assessment recommended by the EEOC guidelines to prevent
workplace risks and lower turnover with unprecedented scientific validation!

Prevents on average 18% of the candidates you normally would have hired who:

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Use drugs on the job

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Have hostile behaviors toward their coworkers

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Steal from their employers

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Lie, cheat, commit fraud, and have disruptive behaviors in the workplace

What would your workplace culture look like if:

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    You improved retention by 37%

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    Safety Culture became a reality, not just lip service

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    If you spent less time managing Workers' Compensation claims

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    Saw increased Employee Net Promoter Scores

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    Speed up your hiring process

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    If you never had to deal with a nightmare employee again

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    More time building teams who love where they work

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    Decreased Burnout of good people

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    Could focus on training and upskilling your frontline workforce for future growth

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    Had a culture where people loved to come to work and felt like family not adversaries

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    Increased production and revenue through better culture

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    Spent less time refilling jobs you just filled

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    Saw increased profitability reduced EMODs and 57% lower Workers' Compensation costs

Start lowering your Turnover and Workers' Compensation claims today

See if IntegrityFirst is right for your company's culture.

Make Workplace Safety lead your business to higher revenue and profitability

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    Enhance your culture

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    Backed by science

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