Unlock MASSIVE ROI for Your Clients as an IntegrityFirst Partner

Provide groundbreaking solutions in Work Comp reduction, employee retention, and swift role-filling. Stand out.

Why Partner with Us?

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    Reduce Work Comp Costs

    Lower Work Comp incidents by 46% for your clients. Be their go-to risk mitigation expert.

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    Boost Employee Retention

    Achieve 37% reduction in turnover. Ensure workforce stability and bolster your relationship.

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    Accelerate Hiring

    Streamline the hiring process, amplifying your clients' efficiency and your value.

Industries Served

Our testing solutions are available for nearly every industry including the following:

Exclusive benefits

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    Discounted pricing for clients

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    Special Reseller Pricing

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    Priority Support and Training

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    Listing in Our Partner Directory

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    Access to Marketing Resources


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