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As a service to our customers, IntegrityFirst examines the difference between screened and unscreened applicants.

Since IntegrityFirst is only given to new hires, a built-in control group of existing, unscreened employees is automatically available. The differences in claim frequency and severity rates between screened workers and unscreened employees can be readily calculated. These “within year” studies provide an objective comparison of the difference in compensation losses between the two groups – even when multiple risk control strategies are implemented concurrently with Integrity Testing.

For example, suppose you decided to implement IntegrityFirst, a new return-to-work program, and new safety incentives all at the same time. How then can the impact of the IntegrityFirst be accurately measured when two other new programs are operating concurrently? Simple.

All employees (screened and unscreened) receive the benefit of the return-to-work and safety incentive programs therefore, the only difference is that the new workers were screened by IntegrityFirst.

As almost all other risk control protocols apply to the entire workforce (new hires and existing employees), Integrity Testing provides a unique opportunity to measure its effects on workers’ compensation losses since it only applies to new hires.

Over the past several years, IntegrityFirst has completed over a dozen major workers’ compensation benchmarking studies. The average 57% comp loss reduction represents the combined effects of lower claim frequency and severity in workers surveyed by IntegrityFirst compared to unscreened employees working in the same type of jobs at the same time.

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See how IntegrityFirst delivers major results!

Our pre-employment screening test can help your company reduce turnover, enhance culture, and create a safe and productive work environment. Find out how you could see a 22X return on investment in these instructional videos!

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How to Lower Work Comp Costs Immediately - IntegrityFirst
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Hiring a new employee can be a costly endeavor for any organization. This is especially true if your organization has high turnover. Use the employee turnover cost calculator to quickly determine your turnover rate, the cost of each new hire, and the total cost of employee turnover to your organization.

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To learn how IntegrityFirst can help your organization hire and retain the best employees, thus reducing your employee turnover.

The IntegrityFirst test is proven to help reduce employee turnover by as much as 30%. ** Based on your input, this could save your company between: and ** * - Calculations based on 25% - 200% estimated costs of replacing an employee figure used in a compilation of case studies performed in various industries. Results may vary based on your company's industry. ** - Calculations based on actual customer realized reductions – Merchants Benchmarking Study 2011

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This whitepaper by The Hire Talent discusses the importance of implementing integrity testing in your organization to help benefit every organization’s search for the best talent.

Discovered ATS integrity testing and behavioral assessment experts have created a detailed whitepaper showing the true effects of healthcare providers making poor hiring decisions. In addition, a whitepaper dealing with the challenges of screening temporary workers is also available.

IntegrityFirst has completed over a dozen major workers’ compensation benchmarking studies. Contact us to learn about the positive impacts IntegrityFirst can have on your organizations bottom line by reducing workers compensation costs. Contact Us

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IntegrityFirst is a pre-interview employment screening tool, developed by Industrial and Organizational psychologists at Portland State University. Our test represents the next evolution in the pre-employment assessment of job candidates. It identifies job applicants who are high risk in the areas of theft, substance abuse, hostility and faking and has been used by companies nationwide since 1979 to help reduce workers’ comp loss rates, avoid hiring violent or hostile employees, reduce on the job drug/alcohol abuse, reduce employee theft, reduce employee turnover, reduce negligent hiring lawsuits, reduce absenteeism and more.

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