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Congratulations on embarking on a journey to revolutionize your employee retention, hiring practices, and workers' compensation strategy with IntegrityFirst. We're excited to help you tackle challenges like high turnover, difficulty in sourcing quality hires, and escalating workers' comp claims.

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    IntegrityFirst: Empowering Your Business

    Experience a groundbreaking approach to reducing turnover and workers' comp claims. Our proven solutions are trusted by top brands across various industries, from healthcare to retail.

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    With IntegrityFirst, you're choosing:

    • A 30% reduction in employee turnover.
    • A 48% decrease in workers' comp claim frequency.
    • A significant reduction in claim severity and overall workers' comp costs.
    • A substantial increase in quality applicant volume.
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    How IntegrityFirst Works

    Our user-friendly, mobile-responsive platform offers rapid implementation and seamless integration with your existing hiring processes. Candidates undergo an 8-minute survey, rated as qualified or unqualified, allowing you to continue with your hiring process and witness remarkable results. Plus, our competitive pricing is more affordable than standard drug testing programs.

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    Industry Expertise and Scientific Validation

    Backed by over 1.5 million data points and validated by leading industrial-organizational psychologists, our solutions are fine-tuned to the unique needs of sectors like healthcare, construction, and hospitality.


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